Our products have been used in a variety of markets and applications. Our sensors, systems and software are flexible enough that they can be adapted to your needs.

Autonomous Mower

Sensible Machines is in the process of commercializing key components to enable autonomous mowing. The target of our development is medium to large scale operations such as conducted by commercial landscape contractors.

The key components that enable autonomous robotic mowing are: accurate positioning and reliable safeguarding. Sensible Machines products will provide solutions for both needs.





Autonomonous Orchard Platform

Autonomous platform developed by Sensible Machines with software from Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute. The vehicle drives autonomously while a farm worker works on apple trees in a high density orchard (Penn State FREC). Note the worker on the left using a ladder to perform the same task. They initially started together.






Mobile Manipulation

Our customers have used our MR-100 platform in a number of tasks. Its moderate payload capacity and terrainability make it useful for search and rescue, autonomous wheelchair development, swarm robotics and an array of other applications.








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