Sensible Machines provides enabling modules, systems design & integration for manufactures that need to make their equipment aware. As opposed to traditional design & engineering firms that focus on automation, our robotics and sensor expertise offers our customers the ability to collect and utilize environmental data for use in real-time or to inform business decisions that affect the bottom line.


Sensible Machines is a spin-off of Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute. After working for years in robotics research, the company’s founders wanted to take their work out of the lab and into the real world. Starting in 2006, Sensible Machines was formed to develop technology  for autonomous mowing. Since then, Sensible Machines has been working on automation solutions for applications in agriculture, mining, military, assitive living and energy.

What we do

We help our clients solve “real world” problems by leveraging our experience and technology to minimize their business costs and improve the performance of their systems. We work with our clients to find new solutions by using state of the art in robotics, sensing, and data analysis. We design our systems in ways that make them easy to adapt to different platforms.

Our offering

  • Enabling Modules: We offer sensors, robust components, and a range of mobility platforms for developers and OEMs. Our customers can combine these modules in different ways to produce a system to meet their own needs. These modules are flexible enough to be used on a variety of systems to solve an array of problems.
  • Awareness Engineering: We custom integrate hardware and software to make your machine more aware. By applying our expertise in robotic, sensing and data analysis we are able to extend the capabilities of your current machines.
  • Complete Solutions: We offer the expertise to develop full turn-key solutions that can be implemented in the field by operators with minimal training.

Our Approach

Sensible Machines uses spiral development, building on mature components with a focus on value proposition.  We help reveal the big picture to best address the needs of our Clients.  We are platform agnostic and able to integrate disparate robust functionality in variable contexts.  We interact with our clients as partners using transparent processes to define the problem and criteria for success

Our Team

The Sensible Machines team combines decades of experience in robotics.

Stephan Roth, President

Mr. Roth has over eighteen years of engineering experience in applied Robotics, with in-depth knowledge of hardware, software and systems. He has recently led the development, testing, and commercial deployment of several electric and hydraulic autonomous ground vehicles. Currently, he is involved in the design and development of a sensor suite for the DARPA Transformer program to develop a flying car. Before co-founding Sensible Machines with Dr. Singh, he was a Senior Research Programmer at the Robotics Institute, working on projects involving localization and collision avoidance in natural environments. Prior to NREC, he worked at Probotics, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based robotics startup in 1995. 

Sanjiv Singh, Ph.D, Chief Technologist

Dr. Singh’s research relates to the operation of robots in natural and in some cases, extreme environments. His recent work has two main themes: perception in natural and dynamic environments, and, multi-agent coordination.

Autonomous Mowers


Mobility Platform (MR-800)

Mobility Platform (MR-800)


Mobility Platform (MR-100)


Yield Estimation using Passive Vision


2-axis laser scanner for aerial survey

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